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Macro Vision Films

About Us

Macro Vision Films brings together an award winning team of filmmakers with extensive experience in all aspects of filmmaking.  

The Team

The People of MVF

Ranelle Golden

Co-Founder, Screenwriter, Producer & Director

Ranelle Golden is an award-winning Director, Screenwriter, Producer, and Author. Her multitude of talent extends to experience in music, writing, film, and television.  Ranelle has written over 50 screenplays, produced several TV pilots, a short series on Amazon, two features in 2019 (Don’t Shoot the Messenger and Always With You) as well as multiple music videos, commercials and more. She ran a successful performing arts school where over 400 students attended, during her time. She’s published multiple children’s books. Ranelle brings her corporate experience in Management and Accounting to her productions. She is truly a "creative" who has experience in every division of the industry. Whether it be music, writing, television and film, coupled with drive and ambition, she is unstoppable.

Beth MacLean

Producer, Costume/Wardrobe Designer

Beth MacLean is living her dream, telling stories and making movies. She has worked as Associate Producer, PA, AD, Slate, Script Supervisor and BTS Photographer. She also has a lengthy history of contract administration, script editing and proof reading. But her love of Costuming is her favorite role. She has extensive expertise in embroidery handwork, fibers and textiles. She has comprehensive training in Costume History, Cultural Aspects of Dress and Clothing Construction Principles. She has worked as Costume Designer and Wardrobe Manager since 2012. Costuming is in her family’s background; her grandmother worked for the Manhattan designer Hattie Carnegie in the 1930’s and dressed Claudette Colbert, among other movie stars and wealthy patrons. Beth is also the Creator, Executive Producer and Host of her own cooking show, Gluten Free Cooking TV. Her feature film costume credits include HARVEY and LEGACY OF LOVE.

Shawn Golden

Co-Founder, Producer & Screenwriter

Shawn Golden partnered with his family member, Award Winning Writer, Director and Producer Ranelle Golden in 2019 to form Macro Vision Films LLC. Under this company he’s been learning the ropes of film production behind the scenes. He has been writing for five years. In 2020, despite the pandemic, Shawn was part of bringing the POC for the feature film EMPATH to life, several shorts, and the feature film HARVEY. HARVEY was a concept he came up with, while trying to move forward during COVID. In 2021, Shawn completed writing several additional feature films, and is now headed into development and pre-production for Frankly Christmas. He has also been brought on as part of the writing team for the multi-million dollar film Texas Grit. He has co-written multiple shorts that have been produced and are making the rounds in the festival circuit with good response and winning awards. He is also an editor for Marco Vision Films. He currently attends Seminole State University.

Jason Menz

Producer, Production Coordinator,

Jason has been in the entertainment industry for over thirty years. He started his career working behind the camera as Production Assistant for Hearst Entertainment.  In this capacity he went on to work in many popular series such as: Biography, The West Wing, Modern Marvels, Beverly Hills 90210 and more.  Yet, Jason has a calling, and spent his time training with some of the greatest acting coaches of our time.  This led him to pursue his career in front of the camera in films and television shows.  He is perhaps best known for the current series Shinny New Things and popular Indie Films like Todd.  He’s been featured in shows like; Frasier, Coach, The Young and the Restless, Sisters, In Living Color to name a few. 

Jason M. Varso

Jason M. Varso has been acting for more than a decade, on stage, TV, and in film.  He has worked with some of the biggest talent out there, including directors.  He has appeared in a P.S.A. commercial for the State of Michigan regarding drinking and driving, which was his first leading role.  He has also done many internal videos for major companies in Michigan.  Prior to joining Macro Vision Films, he has worked on movie sets as a P.A. (Production Assistant), a Key Set P.A., and a fundraiser. Now, Jason  brings  his  formal  education  and  business  background  to  set, working behind  the camera as a Producer on our upcoming feature films and television series.  While learning the ropes as a filmmaker, Jason has held many positions on set, but his passion lies not only in acting, but producing and directing, as well.  Jason comes from a theatrical family where his late relatives were vaudeville performers.


Jason is a Ferris State University graduate with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Baker College graduate with an associate's degree in architecture, which he attained honors in. 

Kristi Lynn

Producer, 1st AD, Stunts/Choreography

Kristi Lynn was born and raised on the New England seacoast. She attended the University of New Hampshire, achieving her BA in Zoology and associate degree in accounting. She was a professional fitness contender and after earning her Black Belt, competed in kickboxing tournaments. Kristi has spent more than 20 years in the entertainment industry.  She starred in a cable tv series, performed stunts in nearly 30 films, and is an animal wrangler.  In addition, Kristi is also a precision driver. You can see her work in films like KNIGHT & DAY, BODY OF PROOF, DYSTOPIA “CAPITAL CITY”, BROTHERHOOD, and PATRIOTS DAY, to name a few.

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